Having a game object with two colliders

So I have a custom object, and I would like to have two collision objects to function in the following manner:

  • A Sphere collider that once a Player intersects, would indicate its an item the player can interact with
  • A standard box collider with a rigidbody

To assist in determining what is Interactable, I have a component Interactable attached to the first gameobject, that I use to determine what is interactable on OnCollisionEnter().

What I have implemented is a parent element with the first Sphere collider, and a child with the object model, a box collider, and rigidbody. And this approach does not appear to be working. My player intersects the sphere collider and no action is thrown indicating a collision, and furthermore, it often treats that collider as the rigidbody and bounces off.

I’m not clear on how to best address this, so any tips would be appreciated. A screenshot of the game objects in the scene is below.

alt text

The method I use to detect collisions is below, and is part of the Player game object.

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision col)
        Debug.Log("Collided witrh Interactable: " + col.gameObject.name);
        /* if(col.gameObject.name == "Macguffin") {
            Debug.Log("Collided with Object");
        } */

Instead of using a sphere collider, you can check the player’s transform distance to interactable items. If that distance is less than a preset value, then the player can interact with the item.