having CharacterController movement in fixedupdate causes jerky movement on camera

Hi, im having a really big headache because of this problem, im been sitting with this for a week and can’t find any solution at all.

let’s say you take the standard unity FirstPerson-CharacterController asset and put it in the scene, and then start walking in a circle by holding “A” and move the mouse in a direction so that the character makes a circle,now if you look at the ground infront of you on the terrain, it starts tearing, and all the movements is jerky and laggy(EVEN WITH HIGH FPS).

and when i change and put all the movement code in the update() function istead of the FixedUpdate()(wich you shouldn’t do) it becomes smooth as hell, but then the problem instead is that when i get high fps i run faster and with lower fps i run slower, i literally think im gonna die, im so freaking mad please help me.

i have a good setup, good monitor and mouse and keyboard. nothing is wrong with my setup.

This is old, but I still had this issue in 2017. What helped me:

  • set Fixed Timestep to 0.008333334 (120 FPS)
  • turn V-Sync on

If you run on different speeds if framerate differs the movement is not delta time based. whatever way you calculate the moving speed, multiply it with deltatime. another thing could be the camera that is not repositioning (if it’s a follow cam) in LateUpdate instead of any other update

Hey, it’s late but for anyone dealing with the same problem, I think this blog post will be interesting: