Having constant trouble with Unity's inbuilt UI system.


I have a big problem I have had for a long time with unity’s inbuilt UI system. I have never used it in any of my games as it has never worked properly, it often likes to rearrange itself and do strange unexpected things when I return from game. Also the newest problem I have, (because I need to use it for a clients job) is that I set it all up according to the manual and all, I have a base canvas and canvas group, then under that I have a unity pre-made text input field which I have removed the canvas part, as I already have it on a higher canvas object in the hierachy, and the rest of the text input field should be right.

It all appears right in the editor and in the game window, until I hit play, as I hit play, it vanishes from the game view and once switched to full screen game view (the automatic way) its not in the game, its vanished. I have had problems with unity UI ever since I have been using unity for the last 5 or more years and have never been able to successfully use it, as it does all strange things and has not been fixed, either that or am I totally missing something here?

Could someone please explain why sometimes when coming out of play mode, the ui has recentered itself or changed all of its positions to something that seems random… And why everything just vanishes when I run it.

Do you have set UI Scale Mode to Scale with Screen Size???[72497-bandicam-2016-06-20-10-00-47-322.jpg|72497]

What you say works for one thing, what I want is another thing that it is supposed to be able to do, but it does not work. I want it to be in world space so I can have it on objects, and it does not work. It vanishes upon pressing play.