Having GetButton act like GetKeyDown

Hi there. GetKeyDown lets you press a button once, and the player has to release and press the key again in order to process the event again. I used GetButton to access to axe that refers to a single button of the dpad of a plugged in game controller. Unfortunately, GetButton always acts as long as the button is held down. The fix to this is to create a delay variable that compares itself against the current time to have this not happen repeatedly. But it doesn’t fix the problem that I only want this to occur once. Not to mention, even if I used that fix, the player will always be dragged down by this delay, thus slowing button speeds. They wouldn’t even be able to press the button rapidly to speed up the use of the button processes if they want to.

So how do I process a button axe (input) so that it can’t happen again until the axe is released and pressed again?

Use GetButtonDown.