Having issues when multithreading and deserializing JSON with JSONUtility

Hello everybody!

I am having a problem.
There is a part of my code where i need do deserialize a very big JSON.
Since it is a lot of effort to do that and I don’t want to stop the UI and other important stuff i decided to execute the serialization in a separate thread. And then callback to the main thread when the deserialization is complete.

But differently than what i expected, the UI and the rest of execution stops and wait for the deserialization to complete as if there were no separate thread.
Obs: The deserialization works fine. The problem is that the execution stops as if there were no threads.

My code is somewhat as follows:

IEnumerator DeserializeObjectAsync(string json,Action<MyObject> callback){
	bool threadFinished = false;
    MyObject deserializedObject = null;
	Thread t = new Thread (delegate() {
		deserializedObject = JsonUtility.FromJson<MyObject>(json);
		threadFinished = true;
	t.Start ();
		yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame ();

Does someone know what may be the issue or how to solve it?
Thank you!

Hi, just use Newtonsoft JSON, it works fine.

private IEnumerator DeserializeInThread(string json)
	List<UserImage> images = null;

	var thread = new Thread(() => images = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<List<UserImage>>(json));


	while (images == null)
		yield return null;