Having Parent Origin Follow Child Objects

I have been trying to make a character that can run around with mechanim, and then fall down when the animator is turned off. But when I turn off that animator the parent object just sits wherever it happened to be when I deactivated the animator. The problem is that because of this when I try to make my player get off the ground after a certain condition is met, it teleports back to the parent, even if that parent is 100m away. Is there a way to fix this problem, or work around it? Thanks!

Sounds like you have a ragdoll set up, so that when the animator is disabled your character just drops like a …well, like a ragdoll. what i have found is you need to put in a fixed joint usually from the hips of your character to the rigidbody at the top level of your character gameobject. putting in the fixed joint between the ragdoll skeleton and the characters rigidbody will tie the two parts together.

Hope this was helpful!