having problems with Animation

Sorry guys I am still having issues with my animations, I'm starting to think it may be a milkshape fbx exporter issue.

Hopefully its not lol anyway basically I have imported a rat model. with Idle, Walk, run animations. Since I have I am using the the @walk @idle naming convention unity3d has generated a default animation file that includes all the models animations.

I am still having an issue with only part sections of the model moving. The head twisting around legs glitching and so on. Obviously the model animates good in milkshape but my issue after I import it into unity3d the animations get screwy.

Also if I have the model to use the Idle walk and run animation, the model actually appears to collapse on itself. (Any animation other then the unity3d genrated defualt animation)


Its first the showing the whole model animation, Glitches and all then I switch to individual anims. Where the model collapses on it self..

Can anybody tell me what would cause this? Again I am using FBX and Milkshape.


thanks for anyhelp

I've noticed that any animation which has bones which don't move the entire animation will have issues - it just thinks the bones should be left alone entirely (and not just left at their idle position - it puts them where they were last)

If you add a tiiiiny bit of jitter into a frame or two, it should hopefully fix it