Having some trouble trying to make a star glow for my space game.

I have a basic scene set up with a star and a planet. I was following a “how to make a star in shader graph” tutorial (Unity Tutorial - Make a STAR in Shader Graph - YouTube). I was doing fine until the person created a global volume to make objects glow. It worked on the sun. Unfortunately that made the planet glow as well. Is there a setup I can use to make only the star appear to glow from anywhere in the scene?

Image of the scene: theStarProblem.png - Google Drive

Also, I want to add that the distances in this scene are huge. The sun is at 0,0 and the planet is at 1500, 0. Since this is basically a Walmart solar system simulation, I want to make sure that all glowing objects cast light + shadows on other objects.

Hello, global Volume just makes everything glow. You want the sun to cast light and shadow on the planet. To do that, you need to add a light soure coming from the sun. You can add point light or any other light when you right click and create in the hirarchy