Having Text Or Notes In The Inspector?

Is there a way(like I see in many plug-ins) to have text or notes in the inspector amongst all the variables? For example I have a couple of lines of text above of variable to remind people what options they have for this variable?

Thanks In Advance!

I think you just mean the built in Attributes Unity have already set up?



Example code snippet:

[Header("Button Settings")]
[Tooltip("Arbitary text message")]
public string OnClickText = "";
[Tooltip("Useful GameObject you might need.  Note there is a Sender property that is this class.")]
public GameObject Object;

For a general note on the component, create a new variable that has a [TextArea] Attribute.

[Tooltip("Doesn't do anything. Just comments shown in inspector")]
public string Notes = "This component shouldn't be removed, it does important stuff.";

I realize this question is a few years old but I was recently looking to do the same and didn’t like the dummy variable suggestion, so I wrote my own really simple PropertyDrawer and HelpAttribute. More information at the forum post:


Hope this helps someone out who is still looking for a more elegant solution.


  1. Make a C# script: CommentInformationNote
  2. Copy and past this code
using UnityEngine;

[AddComponentMenu("Miscellaneous/README Info Note")]
public class CommentInformationNote : MonoBehaviour
    public string Comment = "Information Here.";

*. Place the script into the game object
*. Notice that you can use Add Component in the Inspector.
*. Do not change the script because you can loos all your data


After adding attributes to your script as MasterChiefLegend mention, you can create text notes in the inspector following these steps:

Here it is the GitHub link:

Allowed to place info in the inspector in a simple way:

[CustomEditor(typeof(YourType))] is what you’re looking for.

GUILayout.Label("Remember that one thing about this variable!");
x = EditorGUILayout.IntField(whatever);

Similar to ShawnFeatherly, I use a custom [ReadOnlyAttribute] tag. It has a similar effect, but is non-editable and inline.

private new string Notes = "Don't forget to buy milk.";

Note that ReadOnlyAttribute is an extension that you have to manually add to your project