Having trouble getting Tidy Tile Mapper API to generate overhead levels

Has anybody had any luck with this? Setting the growth axis to “BlockMap.GrowthAxis.Forward” seems to generate all the chunks piled on top of each other no matter what I do.

	var blockPrefab:GameObject = Resources.Load("StandardBlock");

	var chunkSize:int = 5;
	this.tileMap = BlockUtilities.CreateBlockMap("tiles", Vector3.one, chunkSize, chunkSize, BlockMap.GrowthAxis.Forward);
	// this.tileMap.transform.position = b.min;
	b.size = Vector3(30, 30, 5);
	var block:Block = null;
	for (var x:int = 0; x < b.size.x; x++) {
		for (var y:int = 0; y < b.size.y; y++) {
			for (var z:int = 0; z < b.size.z; z++) {
				if (TileIsWall(Vector3(b.min.x + x, b.min.y + y, b.min.z + z))) {
					block = GameObject.Instantiate(blockPrefab).GetComponent(Block);
					BlockUtilities.AddBlockToMap(this.tileMap, block, false, 0, false, x, y, z, false, true);
	var randomiseInitialMap:boolean = false;
	BlockUtilities.RefreshMap(this.tileMap, randomiseInitialMap);

This more or less works if I create the block map setting the growth axis to “Up”, but I can’t figure out why it won’t work the other way. Is it just a bug in Tidy Tile Mapper?

I just copied the code from the Runtime API and it worked perfectly after I set the growth axis to forward.