Having trouble with activating License / Running Unity

Hey Guys. I just got a fresh install of Unity.

I can’t seem to log in! Here is what I’m getting when running Unity. It’s the first thing that happens.
Here is the result. Unity License server returned error code 500. Yes I checked, all Unity services were up. I disabled all my firewalls. Nothing.

alt text

At this point, I decided I should try manual. I disabled by network adapter, got the manual activation prompt when running Unity, downloaded the .alf file and then went to Unity - Activation to activate it.

I’ve uploaded the file and I keep getting the following error:

alt text

Any ideas? I’m getting a little frustrated.

I fixed it. Very strange.
Here are the steps if anyone else needs the info:

  1. Run Unity, get the Error.
  2. Disable Network Adapter, leave Unity Open.
  3. Go back to Unity, now you have a manual download option. Click it.
  4. Save the license file somewhere, randomly.
  5. Enable the network adapter.
  6. Go back to Unity, now it should move on to the licensing step and ask you if you need a Pro or Personal.

Very strange.