Having trouble with collision system

Read bottom, the last question is the one i want answered the most

Hi im having trouble making better collision. My options are either sticking with unity collision and making it better somehow (I don’t know how) and reducing the “sticking” to walls, or I could make a system with raycast or something. Keep in mind, this is a sandbox game. Its all blocks, so i can’t use sphere casts, that wouldnt be right :stuck_out_tongue:

I only use box colliders, and mesh colliders, and cube-related things. So this is a tricky situation for me huh.

Anyways i tried making raycast collision, one ray for each side of me, but then i realized… i need 12 bools for collision because i thought, “what if the ray in the middle passes a block in front of me while jumping? then it wouldn’t work”… So i started making 3 rays per side (inefficient) what do i do?


I just thought of a possible idea for the solution… Would it work if i made game objects for each side and added trigger colliders to them, then made 6 scripts and each changed the bools in ontriggerenter?

But i think to myself, “what if this wasn’t a ‘blocky’ game? what would i do then? would i be screwed? what do other people do?”

Try explaining the problem and asking a proper question, then reading what you’ve typed. You’re all over the place and I have no idea what you’re on about.