Having trouble with getting a image to a fit on a face of a cube

I have a problem with a Unity project that I’m working on. I’m creating an 3D art gallery which will be developed into a VR application in the future.

In a 3D scene, I have created a paint canvas GameObject (a cube) but I have some trouble getting images fit on the whole canvas. When I try to apply an image as a material, it is treated as a texture and only a small part of the image is visible on the canvas.

I am planning to make a UI where the user can upload pictures and the application will automatically render the gallery with these pictures

I did not configure the martial properties like a texture. Just dropped it on the canvas. I need to know is there a way I can show any image in full size and fit in to the size of canvas frame

seems to me that this is just a scaling option.

in script you could read the width/height of a texture and change scaling of your object to correctly represent this width/height.

    public Texture tex;
    plane.transform.localScale = new Vector3(tex.height/scaleFactor,1, tex.width/scaleFactor);