Having trouble with lighting

so I’m a beginner at game developing and was downloading unity 2020.3.5f1 3d for a tutorial and was doing ok until everything got darker when it reloaded the level or went to the next one and I mess around and discovered that when I turn on auto generate in go over settings when I reloaded the level it was fine but it still got darker when I went to the next level. And for some reason the directional light’s color effected the darker/ bugged lighting . And so I gave up on 2020.3 and turn my project back into 2019.4.18f1 but after I did about 15 errors appeared right at the start and thus could not play the game. So I’m stuck with 2020.3.

And could you tell me how to fix it.

please and thank you

To start with. It’s never a good idea to change versions mid-project. And as you seem to have found out it’s basically impossible to downgrade.

To fix your lighting, I would start by.

  • Making all the static objects static in their settings
  • delete all the lighting and lightmaps.
  • remake all the lighting
  • Start baking.

If this fails to fix it, you may need to look at what the upgrade did to the lighting settings.

Thanks for the help Scott I did what you said and it did not work I even tried creating a new project already on 2020.3 but it still kept happening. And I found out that even after I deleted the directional light and light settings it still got darker Plus an other project in 2020.2 DOESN’T HAVE THE BUG. I don’t know maybe I did something wrong but at least its not a game breaking bug.

Thanks for the help any way Scott.