Having two edges close to each other

I’m having this issue where I have some meshes very close to each other. Up close they look like they should. (like the verticies are welded together) But when zoomed out the anti aliasing kicks in (atleast that’s what I think) and starts forming gaps in between the meshes. The reason Im doing this particular thing is because I want to keep my structures modular and by having the “wall” be only one mesh with a tiled texture would counteract that.

Is there some way to fix this other than having the face all be one object?


This is likely your UV, do you have any bleed between your UV seems and the edge of the map? Effectively, when it is being mipmapped at distance, the texture map is being sized down which is causing your UV seem to overlap it. Give yourself about 5 pixels of extra texture at the edges of your seems and this will prevent this.


This is all industry standard stuff, hope it helps!