Having Unity Engine Pro and Unity Engine Free simultaneously

I am working for a company that is using Unity engine for its products and I have profesional license on my desktop computer.

Beside that, I have installed Unity FREE on my (slow) laptop, where I am creating my own mobile game.

I cannot use the PRO license, because its only for the job stuff. But I really hate the fact I am using my powerfull pc only for the work… so my question is:

Is it possible to have installed Unity Pro AND Unity Free simultaneously on one pc?

You can install both Unity versions on your machine - just make sure that they are installed in areas where they do not overlap. Then you will need to activate each version, and make a backup of the license for each one. You will need to copy the right license into the right folder before you start each one.

I only have “Unity Personal” but in the according to the documentation at

you can start Unity and make it behave like non-pro version by adding
to the command-line