HD Graphics

Hi. Can Unity create games with HD graphics? If yes, how? Is it a configuration thing? Should I use HD textures?
I compare the terrains I have made with ones from Starcraft 2, NFS The Run, and Dota 2, and mine’s nothing like theirs at all.

HD in tv’s just allows for more tiny little dots on the tv than (old) standard t.v.'s have.

more pixels allows more detail because now instead of 300 little dots making up someones face you have 3000 and so you can see more detail, each pixel can only be one color so you lose detail because of that. (a single color circle is not any detail at all, unless its modern art maybe and then it tells the story of your entire life) before because there dimples were so small they didn’t show up, now the pixels are so small and there is so many they can actually draw even the tiny litle circle that is the dimples with even tinier pixels.

that is all HD is, more pixels per screen inch allowing for smaller and smaller things (details) to be drawn.

Computers have had HD years before it was a thing in t.v. (monitors have much higher resolutions, they had to, the closer you sit to a screen the higher the resolution has to be to prevent your eye from noticing the pixelation)

game resolution is controlled by the individual playing your game not you.

heightmap res MIGHT help, it will increase the level of detail but there are stipulations.

First off the detail has to exist in the first place.
Your saved image has to at least match the image resolution you want your heightmap to be.

a 512x512 image can’t be made into a 1024x1024 (well it can through guessing what the missing pixels might have looked like basically by averaging the color values of the surrounding pixels but) so if you want a high detail heightmap start with a high detail texture.

secondly, the picture must have details such that a lower resolution results in blurring and those details aren’t being shown. If in your saved image you have grains of sand, those are really tiny and may blur together, however if you took a picture of your white walls from far away no amount of resolution increase is going to make it look better. there is no detail to enhance, if your saved image looks just like your in game image resolution won’t help anything, if it looks like crap, it’s because it is crap.

google around for free high res seamless textures then save image import assets to load it into unity.