HD render pipeline asset not appearing,1 error,13 warnings

Hello, so i want to turn my game from URP to HDRP. I already installed HDRP trough package manager, but an error comes out. This is the following eror :

Library\PackageCache\com.unity.render-pipelines.high-definition@7.3.1\Runtime\RenderPipeline\HDRenderPipeline.LookDev.cs(6,45): error CS0535: 'HDRenderPipeline' does not implement interface member 'IDataProvider.Cleanup(StageRuntimeInterface)'

and there are 13 warnings that is too much for me to show. I have been searching for answers for the last few days, there are none that helped me. Does anyone know what is wrong? I have the up to date HDRP. I am using Unity 2019.4.12f1. Any help will be much apriciated.

Sounds like you have a dependency version mismatch.

i.e. there is an interface IDataProvider which has a Cleanup method which isnt being implemented in HDRenderPipeline.

i.e. either the signature is different between versions or it was added in the version of the codebase which has the interface and not in the RenderPipeline package. Try updating the package.

Ok I found out that I actually need to install the 7.5.1 version not the 7.3.1 version that the package manager shows you by default,though I have trouble with converting things to HDRP from URP.