HDRP Imported object materials won't apply (not pink)

I created a “docking bay” set for selecting a space ship. It has a simple diffuse texture. I upgraded it to HDRP.

Now, the material WILL NOT show on the model NO MATTER WHAT I change.
It’s not pink, it’s just gray. Rather it’s white in a dimly lit scene. I can modify the color of the bay with the base map color picker (like make the whole thing red), but the texture absolutely refuses to paint. It is a JPG if that matters.

Also, and this may be the same problem, the un-texture texture refuses to catch shadows.

Try these steps:

  1. Check texture import settings for HDRP.
  2. Create a new material with an HDRP shader and apply your texture.
  3. In the Material Inspector, change a property value and revert it to sync.
  4. Ensure mesh renderer is set to receive shadows.

If issues persist, consider a custom Shader-Graph for HDRP compatibility.

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I think I got it. I wasn’t exporting UV coordinates
Screenshot 2024-06-19 225436