Hello, I have been working in a scene for a 3D platform game, and I needed to create a shader for water to make effect of move, so I convert my scene to HDRP. All correct, it needs more time, but it works, except de Spawn system. When my player is killed, it has to spawn in the the last checkpoint, so I use in the code:

if(life < 0)

What this makes, the character spawn in the checkpoint, but inmmediatly, the scene puts in gray, and the scene pauses, trying to load, but the GPU and the Memory is very high, then thereĀ“s an error because of this.

I will appreciate your help

It will be extremely difficult to help out on this without more specific info - screenshots, scene structure, etc. From the description, it seems that this is probably not an HDRP bug/issue. Is this a memory issue? Low system specs?