HDRP Lighting Box 2 (NextGen Lighting Solution)

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This product is really a time saving tool for you based on my 20,000 hours of experience on lighting and graphics.

With this product, you no longer need to spend a lot of time adjusting the lighting and optimizing your game and you can spend your time personalizing it to achieve better results...

In most AAA game engines such as Unreal and Cry Engine, you have a all in one tool for customizing game graphics and post production, Now using the Lighting Box 2 you have the same tool in Unity Yes, a all in one tool that helps you create a game with AAA graphics even without lighting knowledge in few minutes instead of few weeks

I have 20,000 lighting experiences in Unity but now I can not do lighting without Lighting box

Main Features:
- All in one lighting and graphics settings
- Optimized lighting and effects
- Video training
- Create ,save and share lighting profiles for different scenes and projects
- Default graphics for every scene
- For every game type (Simulation,cartoon,filmic)
- Easy to learn and use
- A real time saver
- For both beginner and advanced users

Enjoy it!!!

Import Guide:
- Install HDRP from Window->Package Manager
- Import Procedural Sky from HDRP page inside package manager
- Import HD Lighting Box 2
- Watch the videos

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You can buy from here :

Hi there,
ist it possible to bake the lights at runtime for procedural scenes? maybe even with GI? The baking is running super fast! The asset looks very promising, thank you!

You can use light probes solution only
There has been a lot of discussion in the past about using GI in procedural scenes
I do not remember correctly, but using a light probe is the best way
You can use high quality fully real-time(without GI) lighting but the Performance in this mode is less than Baked GI

Here i my video about Enlighten Realtime GI:


6410616--715929--2.jpg 6410616--715932--3.jpg 6410616--715935--Untitled.jpg


6412236--716238--1.jpg 6412236--716241--3.jpg 6412236--716250--4.jpg 6412236--716253--5.jpg 6412236--716256--6.jpg


Download the Demo version with some limitations:
Some effects are not available at the demo version:

-Volumetric Lighting
-Depth of Field
-HD Shadows
-Micro Shadowing
-Ambient Occlusion
-Motion Blur
-Screen Space Reflections

Download form here

The free version quick look:


6439796--720701--1.jpg 6439796--720704--2.jpg 6439796--720707--3.jpg

Realistic Car Lighting:

6439886--720713--f.jpg 6439886--720716--f2.jpg


HDRP 10.x support will be available in the next few days for Unity 2020.2:
- Physically based Sky
- Screen Space Global Illumination
- Better TAA
- Some improvements

6452985--722814--1.jpg 6452985--722817--3.jpg 6452985--722820--4.jpg 6452985--722823--5.jpg 6452985--722826--23.jpg

Nice asset, so I have bought it. Please continue to develop it further.
I would prefer to have some quick settings for different type of the scenes
like outdoor, indoor, that demonstrate advantage of the package.
I am using Unity 2019.4.12 with HDRP and could not get any spectacular look
like demonstrated in your promos, because I am not that experienced like you.

Thanks for your purchase
I will share profiles in the future
What do you mean by spectacular scene? Please send me its screen shot (your desired scene)
Also all screenshots has step by step videos and the final result after tutorials has been sent here
I have summarized the settings as much as possible,and you can easily achieve the desired result by scrolling through several options

Attached the profile for Lighting Box for HDRP 10.x (will be available in the next few days on the asset store,uploaded for the review and release):
This is a simple lightmapped cubic scene as interior sample:

6455845--723562--Indoor_Baked_GI.unitypackage (1.53 KB)

Thanks for the quick reply.
I realised, that I need to watch your videos and make a notes of the settings you are used.
I am still using HDRP 7.x, so probably the results differ from the version 10.x as well.


Very interesting asset! I'm wondering about the performance of the asset in large open world scenes with a lot of different interior. And I'm also wondering about the compatibility with Atmos Massive Clouds, do you think there will be any issues.

I'd really like to only use a Realtime GI solution (with no baking). Is it possible to do only that with this asset?


Example of our scene:

HDRP Lighting Box 2 uses HDRP 's own effects and helps you adjust them efficiently.Most of your questions are related to the HDRP
In the case of performance, there are effects that greatly affect performance. You can not use them
Ambient occlusion(Low preset is good in performance)
Screen space reflection (High preset is good quality but the performance is low)
Screens space GI (kills your performance)
Depth of field( high performance cost)
Realtime reflection probes (you can bake them)

In general, you should follow all the optimization methods in your game to have a good performance specially poly counts

You can use different volumes for indoor and outdoor sections in HDRP. Lighting box helps you adjust these volumes easily
Enlighten Realtime GI is deprecated by Unity. It was a very good product, but apparently Unity no longer supports it for HDRP, but it is still available in the 2019 (i think) and built-in pipline

In general, you can first test the free version on your backup project: