HDRP multi shadow with directional lights

Hello there, sorry in advance if my question is duplicated.

I’m wondering how can I actually render multiple shadows from more than a single DIRECTIONAL LIGHTS.

I’ve read in the documentation that this isn’t possible, but after reading this thread: https://forum.unity.com/threads/hdrp-multiple-light-shadow-issues.534502/ I feel like the moderator was saying that I can tweak the parameters of the hdrp asset to get multiple shadows. However, I wasn’t able to do so.

Could you please guide me on this? I’m using hdrp v.7.3 with unity 2019.3.10f1


any luck?

You can have multiple directional lights but only one can cast shadows.
You can use a Spot Light and set the shape to Box to emulate a second directional light with shadow (but this shadow won’t be cascaded).