HDRP Transparency Settings Not Applying Game Object

I am following along this shader grass tutorial using an HDRP Lit Graph shader.

For some reason the transparency settings are not applying to the object in the game world, despite the main preview in the shader graph correctly showing the transparency:

Here is the shader applied to the material in the game:

Also, the “Flipped Normals” Double-Sided option is not applying to the game object, despite it working in the main preview.

I have saved everything, restarted Unity, my computer, etc, with no luck. Any ideas? It is almost like the graph settings are not applying to the game world for some reason, not sure why?

Got this one figured out. You need to enable the same settings on the material itself in the editor. There were options for transparency, alpha clipping and double-sided there too. Strange that it doesn’t apply from the shader automatically but it is working now!