"Head-Anchored Content"? Native permission popups in Fully Immersive apps

We’re building a Fully Immersive visionOS app using Unity, and we need to implement scheduled local notifications. We’ve got the notifications themselves working, but the permission popup is showing up as “head-anchored content” – our scene becomes anchored to the user’s head movement, and there’s a message about “debugging”:

I’ve noticed this Head-Anchored Content pill when I bring up the Control Center while running my app from Xcode. But I’m not sure why it’s showing up here.

Is this expected behaviour?

Should native permission popups just not be used in Fully Immersive apps?

The popup itself is functional, but we definitely don’t want the “head-anchored”/“debugging” stuff in production.

I’ve encountered the same issue with the unexpected “head-anchored” behavior being rather annoying. It would be helpful if the officials could confirm whether this is a bug and if there’s a way to disable it.