Header and Serialized Fields

Is it possible to have a single header with a single serialized field that applies to multiple variables of certain range?

Something like this, but without having to declare 3 separate serialized fields and 3 separate variables in 3 lines:
![alt text][1]

The code I have right now:

    [Header("Camera Settings")]
    [SerializeField, Range(1f, 20f)]
    float xAxis = 5f;
    [SerializeField, Range(1f, 20f)]
    float yAxis = 5f;
    [SerializeField, Range(1f, 20f)]
    float zAxis = 5f;

Just as you can declare multiple variables in a single line, you can also apply attributes to them at the same time.

[SerializeField, Range(1f, 20f)]
float xAxis = 5f, yAxis = 5f, zAxis = 5f;