Header attribute with multiple lines of text?

header attribute is really handy to explain the public fields in my components.

[Header("Health Settings")]
public int health = 0;

Just wondering can this work with multiple lines of text?
Or is there some other handy way of achieveing that effect (ie. several lines of text above my field explaining it)

EDIT: I have one sorta solution like so…

[Header("Health Settings")]
[Header("Set health here!")]
public int health = 0;

but it would be nice if I could make the text arbitrarily long and it could wrap

[Header("This is the first line of the header text ", order=0)]
[Space(-10, order = 1)]
[Header(“and this is the second one. With the”, order=2)]
[Space(-10, order = 3)]
[Header(“space and order settings it looks good.”, order=4)]
[Space(10, order = 5)]

[Header (“Health Settings.”), Space (5), Header (“Set health here!”)]

Hi, deltron1830

Please, Try this.

[Header ("Health Settings." + "

" + “Set health here!”)]
public int health = 0;