headless clients aren't running

I am attempting to set up headless clients to allow me to run a bunch of them from one box to stress test my server. When run from the editor, it does everything I want it to, but of course, the renderer is running and that limits the number of simultaneous clients I can run so I want to kill the renderer.

When I run with -batchmode -nographics the very first Debug.Log command in Awake() on my GameClient which is set to run first does not show up. What happens in batch mode to prevent logging from the Debug.Log() from displaying in the lots (okay, it’s an editor log but it does describe the batchmode operation setting up and the batchmode process is running and has to be manually killed so I’m not quite sure why nothing is printing out.

And not just that, nothing is running because in Awake() I set up my own logfile and that is also not getting run from batchmode while it runs great from the editor.

Help! What am I doing wrong? I had this naive view that I could run the headless clients and then the server would just spew out all kinds of goodness but that won’t work if the clients don’t actually, you know, RUN!

I build the executable as a debug build with script logging on and I can run the built executable in batchmode and it creates the file I was using to test and prints out Debug.Log() output. So the question needs to be refined to “why doesn’t running batchmode in the unity editor work”.