Heads Up Display Design

I want to make a simple HUD for my game that tracks the health of your Vehicle. The Vehicle has multiple components, each of which has their own health.

I would like to display each of these components in the form of a small picture/icon whose color is representative of that part’s current health.

Is there something in Unity that will allow me to display my desired icon (whether in the form of a tire or engine or whatever) and adjust the color as appropriate? The icon would simply be a black line or box (initially) that I make in Paint or some photo editor.

Use GUITexture if you don’t care about performance (1 draw call per texture). They are very easy to set up: import an image in your project, select it and set the texture type to GUI. Then, while it is still selected, click Hierarchy>create>GUITexture.

If you need to optimize (for iOS for example), or do fancy things with your hud, then consider a GUI manager (EZGUI, NGUI, SpriteManager, many others…)