Healt Bar Logic

so i try to make a health bar, i use GUITexture to create the bar, the width is 330 (for some reason it HAS to be like that)…

now i try to achieve how the bar could decrease on every attack that it receive…
and it’s done!

but the problem is i couldn’t convert the 330 into 100% bar length…

my code for attack is like this…

function Attack(){
	var percenthp : float;
	var tekstur : GUITexture;
	var enemyhpdisplay;
	var hplength ;
	enemy_hp -= player_atk;         //player_atk is 5 and declared in other place, so as enemyhp
	percenthp = (enemy_hp/enemy_maxhp)*100;

	tekstur= GameObject.Find("enemyHp").GetComponent(GUITexture);
	tekstur.guiTexture.pixelInset.width= percenthp;	

so we know my healthbar width is 330, but everytime i click the attack the bar just drom from 330 width, into 95 width,… i couldn’t know how to convert it, so the width will decrease by percentage of the length… could anybody help me ?

Is this more helpful ?

 #pragma strict

// drag the GUITexture from the Hierarchy view to this field in the Inspector:
var tekstur: GUITexture;

var enemy_hp : int = 100;

private var width330: float; // the initial healthBar width

function Start () {
    width330 = tekstur.pixelInset.width;

function Update () {

	if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)){//you can Attack in OnGUI if already have a button

    // set the health bar width:
    tekstur.pixelInset.width = width330 * enemy_hp / 100;
    if (enemy_hp <= 0){ // enemy has died?

function Attack(){

    enemy_hp -= 5;//player_atk;   

Also there are several ways to make a health bar (like GUI.DrawTexture)

you can watch this tutorial if you want to learn more (and have patience)