Health drop, and picking it up.

I have all of the code I need for the health pickup to drop when I kill an enemy, but I have been working for about 3 days with no luck on how to get it to destroy once it’s instantiated. Sorry for the messy wording but here is my code:

function Dead() 
	Instantiate(healthDrop, enemy.transform.position, Quaternion.identity);

This is where I am destroying the enemy and instantiating the health drop

#pragma strict

var player : Transform;
var enemy : GameObject;

function Update ()

var distance = Vector3.Distance(player.transform.position, transform.position);

function healthDropLogic ()
    yield WaitForSeconds(3);

This code is on the health drop

#Any help would be much appreciated!

If you want to destroy the health drop 3 secs after you instantiate it use this in the health drop script:

Destroy (gameObject, 3);

And destroy your enemy the same way. You can make a prefab of the health drop with the script attached.