Health Functions in Unity?

I've been looking through the Unity Scripting reference and haven't been able to find any commands dealing with a players health, are these included in Unity or do I need to make my own system?

Your own system. It's all up to you if someone/something lives or dies and how. Have fun!

As DaveA said, You have to program it yourself, Health is straightforward, Try to be a lot more specific with your questions.

Here is some health (C#)

public float Health = 100f;

There is health, merely a float. Now depending on what your doing you can add health, subtract health, render some gui text of health variable on the screen, or render images of a health bar on your screen depending on what amount of hp you have.

Now if you are curious as to how you subtract or add health or render it on the screen ask a question with some code your have written that is not working or just ask how you do it.

Cheers, Aaron Lewis

Yeah, just create your own variable and use it as you see fit to make calculations, display onscreen, etc.

var health : float = 100;


public float Health = 100f;

Design3 has a walkthrough here: