Health Script

Hey there! Well here is my problem:
I downloaded a Free Inventory System(Brackeys) And works all fine blah blah. But once i crate a custom effect item and add the script it appears with many errors. If i fix them it doesnt work!
So here is what i seek: I want the Script A to sent a function signal thing to Script B. Script B with this function(Player Stats) Should add 200 Health, how can i make this work? HElp…

ok if I understand you can use BroadcastMessage to exchange information, call functions or another, for example in JS:

public class Listener{
	var listenFor : String;
	var forwardToMethod : String;
	var listeningObject : GameObject;
	function Listener(lFor : String, listeningObj : GameObject, method : String){
		listenFor = lFor;
		forwardToMethod = method;
		listeningObject = listeningObj;

public static class MessageManager{
	private var listeners : List.<Listener> = new List.<Listener>();
	function RegisterListener(l : Listener){

	function SendToListeners(info : String, value : float){
		for (var lis in listeners) {    
			if(lis.listenFor == info ){
				lis.listeningObject.BroadcastMessage(lis.forwardToMethod, value, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

and than you can use in this way:

//to receive ...

funcion Start(){
    MessageManager.RegisterListener(new Listener("Increase Health", gameObject, "HandleMethod"));

funcion HandleMethod(value : float){
    health += value;

//to send ...

    MessageManager.SendToListeners("Increase Health", 200f);