Hearing all distant audio sources (loud!!) on play (solved)

I’m working on a scene with traffic and one AudioListener on the player. On Play, I instantiate many cars and also pause the game to display some dialogue. Although they are instantiated far from the player, all of the engine sounds play very loud and distorted in my ears. The bug lasts until I dismiss the dialogue and the game unpauses. It’ll also resolve if I deactivate and reactivate all of the vehicles’ AudioSources. Any ideas what might be causing this?

Note: All of the audio sources are set to full 3D Spatial Blend and I have removed the Audio Listener from the camera.


I was able to resolve this. The issue is setting Time.timeScale to 0 when instantiating audioSources that are attached to rigid bodies. I resolved it by changing their velocityUpdateMode to Dynamic after seeing this page: Unity Issue Tracker - AudioSource volume doesn't work when AudioSource is a child of gamobject with rigidbody and time scale is set to 0