Heating Issue in AR android app

Hi friends,

I am using Vuforia5.0.5 in Unity3d 5.0 for developing AR app in my Samsung Galaxy S6. While taking build, I have set the following in the unity player settings.

Rendering path: Deffered (Forward was not good for my app as i get white screen while zooming our move out of ImageTarget.)

Graphics level: Force Open GL ES 2.0, Device Filter: AR Mv 7 and Texture Compression: ETC (GLES 3.0).

Still, I am facing a serious heating problem while working with the AR app. after I close the app, the mobile gets normal immediatly. Could you please suggest anything to solve this issue. I even tried to clear the cashe of my mobile, killed processes and restarted too.

I just use a light-weight 3d model with touch control script.


Well, the AR image processing code is very CPU-intensive. It’s also a fact that most (if not all) recent octa-core processors have overheating issues. I don’t think you can do anything about it.