Heavy Lag in Google Cardboard/Unity Project

Hey guy’s, I’ve been grinding away (I.e. googling and then attempting to use the suggested solution to solve my problem) trying to figure out why I’m getting horrible lag within the game environment. I’ve used the profiler which says I’m staying right around 30fps I don’t have a ton of objects and the only thing that is moving is the a sphere on which i “painted” a starscape that rotates. Any suggestions would be great.
P.s. I’m using Nexus 6 as dev devices with unity 5.0.


The lag from your app is going to be coming from the number of Setback Calls that you have in your Cardboard Game. I would recommend that you would attempt to lower the number of Setback Calls to less than 50. You can do this by Static Batching, not using many light sources ( the directional light should be enough ), and by decreasing the number of triangles and polygons in the scene.

I have also noticed that you have the default orientation as " Auto Rotation ". I would strongly advise against that as when you look around with the Google Cardboard, the phone screen will be rotating constantly. Google advises that you set the default orientation to Landscape Left to prevent unwanted rotation.