Height map issues

He there guys!
I’m having some extreme issues with my height maps,
I have all the settings correct and matching others but i end up with the result as placed in the image below,
Any reason why that might be?

Heightmaps must be a power of two plus one and square (513x513, 1025x1025, etc.). If a 16-bit heightmap comes in wrong, swap the endianness. The “Mac” and “PC” labels for the endianness are essentially meaningless; if one doesn’t work, then use the other.

Open the imported image in photoshop and start by checking the ‘image size’ of the imported file with the ‘heightmap resolution’ in Unity under terrain > set resolution. From this image I’m guessing those are not compatible :stuck_out_tongue:

When you build your heightmap, make sure that it is greyscale before saving it as a RAW file.