Hello! I am a high school student from Brazil. Please help me !!!

And I wonder why Brazil and several other countries are not eligible for Student-only version. Also is there any possible way that I could get Unity free? Because I am a low income student, thus I do not have enough money to invest in one of the available plans. Thanks for the attention <3

Unity is free. You don’t need any student version.

I haven’t figured out how to install the free version either

Unity is free for everyone. You only have to pay if you make more than $100 000/year with unity.

Download Unity hub, here is the link to get started: Start Your Creative Projects and Download the Unity Hub | Unity Download the unity hub, link it to taskbar, download the versions (It may take a while). And voila! Learn how to use VS. The installer will come up a few times. Use python template on VS to code scripts. Vs stands for Visual Studio. Hope this helped! Also, dont up, unless you mean it. I’m in truth pretty bad at Unity, I dont even know how to transfer VS code to my Unity script! I reccomend watching VS Unity tutorials.

The student version of Unity is free. Moreover, if you do not have large business projects built on Unity, then you can use it for free. Use Google to find the instructions you need. By the way, this is a common question among students who use Unity for their student projects, maybe in the future you yourself will want to help your classmates and write an article on this topic. By the way, using https://fixgerald.com/ you can check your content for plagiarism. The service itself can be used without restrictions and guarantee the quality of your articles. What can be useful for you when studying.
Good luck!