Hello Ive made gui buttons scale but works on computer not on android device

hello guys,
ive made gui Buttons and give them screenwidht etc … here is the script:

using UnityEngine;

/// Title screen script
public class StartGameScript : MonoBehaviour
public GUISkin customSkin;
private float guiRatio;
public float sW;
public float sH;
private float sWidth;
private float originalWidth = 800;
private float originalHeight = 600;
private Vector3 scale;
private Vector3 GUIsF;

void Awake()  
	sWidth = Screen.width;  
    guiRatio = sWidth/1920;  
    GUIsF = new Vector3(guiRatio,guiRatio,1); 
	sW = Screen.width;
	sH = Screen.height;
void OnGUI()
	scale.x = Screen.width/originalWidth; // calculate horizontal scale
	scale.y = Screen.height/originalHeight; // calculate vertical scale
	scale.z = 1;
	var svMat = GUI.matrix; // saves the current matrix
	GUI.matrix = Matrix4x4.TRS (Vector3.zero, Quaternion.identity, scale);
	GUI.skin = customSkin;
	const int buttonWidth = 220;
	const int buttonHeight = 220;
	// Determine the button's place on screen
	// Center in X, 2/3 of the height in Y
	Rect buttonRect =  new Rect(sW/1.7f-sW*0.3f, sH/1f-sW*0.2f, sW*0.3f, sW*0.2f);
		// On Click, load the first level.
		// "Stage1" is the name of the first scene we created.
	GUI.matrix = svMat;


this is the start button ive got 2 Buttons and one game over Pop up(skore highscore replay home button) when i Change the Resolution aspect Ratio on unity it fit to Screen on aaaalllll Screen sizes but when i build it and Import the apk Datei to an android phone with a smaller Screen size it dont works the score text goes out from game over box Buttons will be smaller whats wrong here why it works on Computer (unity) and dont on android device i Need help pls

thank you!

I Use this from Devin. his is c#. I wrote it in JS. Just attached it the GUI Item set the scale.

    * c# Script by Devin Curry : JS version by Deon Smit
    * www.Devination.com
    * www.youtube.com/user/curryboy001
    * Please like and subscribe if you found my tutorials helpful :D
    * Google+ Community: https://plus.google.com/communities/108584850180626452949
    * Twitter: https://twitter.com/Devination3D
    * Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/unity3Dtutorialsbydevin
    * Attach this script to a GUITexture or GUIText to fix its scale to the aspect ratio of the current screen
    * Change the values of scaleOnRatio1 (units are in % of screenspace if the screen were square, 0f = 0%, 1f = 100%) to change the desired ratio of the GUI
    * The ratio is width-based so scaleOnRatio1.x will stay the same, scaleOnRatio1.y will based on the screen ratio
    * The most common aspect ratio for COMPUTERS is 16:9 followed by 16:10
    * Possible aspect ratios for MOBILE are:
    * 4:3
    * 3:2
    * 16:10
    * 5:3
    * 16:9
    public var scaleOnRatio1:Vector2 = new Vector2(0.1f, 0.1f);
    private var myTrans:Transform;
    private var widthHeightRatio : float;
    function Start ()
    myTrans = transform;
    //call on an event that tells if the aspect ratio changed
    function SetScale()
    //find the aspect ratio
    widthHeightRatio = Screen.width/Screen.height;
    //Apply the scale. We only calculate y since our aspect ratio is x (width) authoritative: width/height (x/y)
    myTrans.localScale = new Vector3 (scaleOnRatio1.x, widthHeightRatio * scaleOnRatio1.y, 1);