Hello Pls Help Me On Touch Android

Hello Guys I have made an enless runner game i have a box as runner and platforms i have made it for Computer also when i start game it jumps only when i click on space i have saved the game(build) as apk and startet it on my android phone all was ok but i cant start game because i Need click space to start it i Need only get a touch for android phone when i cklick on Screen it Need to be jump like “Flappy Bird”

So Pls say me all Thing what i Need create what will scripts Name and where do i Need drag the script and the code i Need on script i have look on Google on unity learn etc but it nothing give me i didnt understand it pls help me on this :frowning:


You need to change the code as




This will replace the functionality of the space button in your game with the touch on Android. For Device independency you can put check for Android as #if UNITY_ANDROID where you are doing your code.

I hope this will help you