help, 3d android game joystick

Hi, I started a unity project for android phones and I encountered problems (obstacles that I can not overcome), the problem is the movement system (joystick for android).
I have images of the controller buttons but I do not know how to make it go and make the character move (at the script level).
alt text

So the problem is to move the character and move the movement and jump joysticks referring to the ball.

Can someone help me with the scripts?
thank you,

Assets->Import Package->Characters
import all

open standard assets and then open characters->RollerBall->prefabs.

Drag the prefab into your scene. that’s the part for making your character move.

it actually has a CrossPlatformInputManager but I have no idea how it works due to no documentation, going to bed might help you with the other stuff if I have time tomorrow.