help about adding permissions on android?

so i am trying to add a permission for my android app

i’m trying to add permission so it could use the internet, i have located the manifest on my project folder: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Unity Projects\Plank!\Temp\StagingArea

in the StagingArea folder contains the AndroidManifest and AndroidManifest-Main

i edit the AndroidManifest using notepad or wordpad, then i add the permission after the permission :

so basically like this

then i save the notepad, and when i build and run the project i get nothing when i check the manifest again the permission for internet is just gone nada, and sometimes i get an error that basically says that the process tried locating something that is not there and i have to tryagain or forcequit and when i quit the manifest returns without the internet permission… how do i add this internet permission its so hard, i made apps before using eclipse and it was easy as hell to add this permission in the manifest… but now i just don’t know what is wrong… please help thank you.

Just in case someone is looking for this answer :

The folder Temp\StagingArea is deleted and recreated each time you are doing a build from Unity.

If you want the Android manifest to keep the changes you made, copy it to the folder Assets\Plugins\Android\ (Create it if it doesn’t exist)

Then, Unity will use this one instead of generates a new one on the next build.