[Help] About Shader in Assetbundle (Include shader graph source in project)

The situation is like this: I have two projects (A Project and B Project). B Project uses the Shader built by Shader Graph, and then builds B Project’s Assets into Assetbundle; and imports all the Shader Graph files used by B Project(Use .unitypackage to export and import). Go to A Project and use A Project to load the Assetbundle built by B Project.


Unity warring [Diagnostics] Warning: Non shader graph shader 'Shader Graphs/MY_SHADER_GRAPH' not supported or MaterialX encoding missing

Currently, we don’t support loading MaterialX shader representations from asset bundles. All shader graphs have to be present in the base build (A, in this case). I’d suggest submitting this to our road map as a priority for you.

Thank you for your reply.

And yes, I have imported the B project all shader graph files into the A project. But still doesn’t work.

I would first try re-importing the shader graphs, but if it still doesn’t work, please submit a bug report with a repro case and let us know the incident number (IN-#####) so that we can investigate.