Help about Unity3d License.

Hi all!
I have work with Unity3d 3 years. But i get the trouble now. I wonder about Unity3d License, please help me.

That is i have Unity3d Pro License with ( iOS, Android).I have built for my customer with device(that have installed Unity3d and applied license key). But another customer want to publish games with this device ( actually games will be built by my device).

The result is i want to built many games for many company ? Is it ok ? If there are problem please give me document to solve this problem.

Please give me the answer via email :


First of all you just talk to the Unity community and not Unity Technologies. UnityAnswers is about development question. If you have questions about licensing issues, contact the Unity support.

Next thing is, never ask for an answer via email. That defeats the purpose of this site. UnityAnswers is like a selfgrowing FAQ about Unity. Asking a question an hiding the answer is the wrong way.

On topic: I’m not sure what you mean by “device” in this context. If you have a Unity pro license key, you, as developer, can only install it on the PC you are using. Since your question isn’t really clear what you actually want to do, i strongly recommend to contact the Unity support and explain a bit more in detail what’s your situation.