Help adding textures to models imported from blender

So i’m really not sure why this isn’t working. Anytime i import something from blender i’m unable to get the texture looking right.


If we take a look there, i applied the exact same texture to a random cube created in unity and it worked fine, however if i try adding it onto the object imported from blender (above) all i get is a brown-ish color.

Your textures are being stretched.
Imagine that the top of the table was a square like one of the faces on you cube in Unity there.
Well, if your square was actually a rectangle (not equal all sides) then your texture would look stretched.

In Blender, you need to export the UV map (also ensuring correct facing UV normals)and export the model as FBX, this will bring it in as you expected I imagine.

To do that with OBJ, export the model, but In blender`s “UV editing” mode, click on the image tab in the UV window and export UV and make a PNG.

Mapping textures to geometry that is not the same (as in identical, as in a cube) will throw up UV issues for your textures, even if you have correctly tiled the texture in the first instance.

Hard subject, harder than i first thought, that`s for sure.

I mentioned above, correct facing normals,this got me more times than i`d care to admit when exporting from blender lol.

You really need to properly UV the texture in blender, then export it so it can carry those UVs into Unity.
Alternatively, you could try and adjust the tiling in your inspector panel for that gameobject… Try reducing it to 0.5 on both x & y, you may get lucky or something you can live with at least for now.

Take care and hope that helps in some way…
There are a thousand links out there if you Google “blender export to Unity” or “UV mapping in Unity” so I wont smear loads here, just do the Google shuffle, you`ll see.
Take care bud.