HELP android laggs

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I make game for android and it laggs, why?


DrawCalls : 69
batched : 0
Tris : 31k
Verts : 26k
Used Textures 38-11mb
VRAM usage : 3 - 18
VBO total 169-4mb
Visible skinned meshes : 26
Animations : 13

Because you are using too heavy graphics or because your scripts demand too much cpu power. Optimization it necessary.

  1. 26 skinned meshes on a mobile device is quite high, you should think about reducing it.
  2. For iPhone, I think the recommendation was at most 10k vertices (perhaps a bit more with newer iPhones), so go more low poly.
  3. Enable and disable scripts too see if that makes any difference too the framerate, if it does, you might want to optimize it.

how to reduce skinnes meshes?

I have the same problem,even if using a empty scene!!!