Help!, Android plataform SCRIPT?

Hey guys, i have a Script Of animations to Play, works perfectly when the Target Plataform is PC, but, when i switch to Android, Give this error: Assets/Scripts/Player/PlayerAnimControl.js(25,28): BCE0019: ‘isPlaying’ is not a member of ‘UnityEngine.AnimationState’.

Here is my Script:

var idle : AnimationClip;
var run : AnimationClip;
var flip : AnimationClip;
var death : AnimationClip; 

function Start () {
animation["flip"].layer = 2;


function OnGUI () {




 if (GUI.Button(Rect(10,100,50,50),"Jump"))
animation.CrossFade ("flip");
else if(!animation["flip"].isPlaying)
animation.CrossFade ("run");

any help will be awesome, thank you guys

In line 25 the function animation[“flip”] returns an AnimationState object which doesn’t have a member “isPlaying”, and you get the error. See:

You must change line 25 to the following:

else if(!animation.IsPlaying("flip"))

Notice the capital “i” in IsPlaying. This is different from when you use Animation.isPlaying (with a lower case “i”) to check if ANY animation is playing. A very subtle difference.

See also: