[HELP C#] Making Gameobject 1 equal Prefab 2

I need help on a script I am working on (C#).
I have an animator that animates a GameObject called player (it animates its position, scale and active state).
In a script I have, I have an array of GameObjects called players where I put references for player_ prefabs, and a public GameObject called player, where I put a reference for my player.
I am trying to make the following script:

player = players 

This does not work, and the player remains the same. I do this at Start().
I really want to know what I should do.
For further info: the player has a transform and spriterenderer components, while the player_ prefab has transform, spriterenderer (with another sprite) and animator.
Thanks for the attention!

I think what you are asking is: “How do I choose which player prefab to use out of an array of player prefabs?”

If so, you probably want something like this:

private void Start()
  var i = Random.Range(0, players.Length);
  player = Instantiate(players*);*