Help changing detail texture color on standard shader


I’ve recently caught interest for procedural generation and is now working on creating procedural models. To expand the variety of items/characters etc i can achieve i would ofcourse like to change the color of the object.

Ontop of my little project i decided that why not increase the variety further by adding a detail texture. This way i could control which part of the object should be colored. Then i got the idea of why not changing the color of the detail texture aswell?

Since i still wanted unities standard shader i downloaded it and was ready to start coding…except theres a tiny problem.

I should probably start by saying i have rather basic experience of shader coding but the way it looks like the standard shader is reffering to alot of other files when it is doing something. Like “UnityStandardCoreForward.cginc”

So while i did manage to find said file in unitys shader package. I’m still a bit confused as where to start.

If anyone have experience of this I’d be glad to hear out your ways of proceeding.

I think I’ve managed to find a guide on said topic in case anyone else is struggling

I’ll be sure to respond if i manage to get it working.