Help?! Changing Textures via mouse click

looking for answers whereby user click on a panel aka sample(Veneer texture), change texture, not material on a plane, but problem is that, i've got 12 panels in a gameobject(box001) & 4gameobjects in 1 gameobject (slot).. attached is screenshot.

i wanted to create 1 script only, but i do not know how to do

i saw a similar problem in thread, but it's in C#, dont understand at all.. unity forum thread screenshot

You probably want an array to keep track of all your panels. Then use the material class to assign a new texture (SetTexture) to it. This is all in one script - an empty gameobject, for example. It should also control the runtime instantiation of your panels.

If you are loading textures from the web or from hdd, you can use WWW.