Help! Click zone for buttons in wrong position


When I add buttons, they cannot be clicked on. The click zone for the buttons is there, but nowhere near the actual button that has been added. This goes for the default buttons as well as ones I make myself, so it doesn’t seem to be anything that I am doing. The only way I can get them to act appropriately is by making the buttons huge, which will move the click area into the centre of the button. Does anyone know why that is, and if there is a way to stop this from happening?

Hey, Can you please share screen shot of your Inspector Windows

Same problem, did you find any solution ???,I have same problem, did you find any solution ?

I had this problem when I was using multiple cameras with different views (one was perspective, one orthographic) The camera that was rendering the image was NOT the one used to determine where the click was. Hope this helps someone…